This material is part of a personal project of mine to translate the chart with the Mazoku Lords and Demon Kings on it from Slayers. The page itself will be very raw and is solely intended for presenting the info I have thus far. Eventually I will compile it all into a nice-looking webpage. Eventually.

The chart in question. For a bigger version, go to I can't hold big files here right now. nn;

Well, my first crack at translating the chart was in translating the runes. These would be the angular characters surrounding each sigil on the chart. They're basically normal germanic/danish/european or whatever runes. The characters come from several different ancient rune alphabets [as in not the Tolkien or other made-up runes]. The difficulty was in finding what each character was, really. The chart I'm using is basically a scan of the cel zerography lines used in the actual animation, which means that whatever the original document was, it was copied over by an animator for use in animation sequences and then run through a zerox machine to be printed on a cel. As you can imagine, this made things a little hard to read. Additionally, several runes are misspelled [the A rune is often misspelled as the N rune because they look similar. Kind of like mixing up b and d. Several other semi-consistent errors occur.] or simply are not in the standard alphabets I was translating with. Interesting variants occur such as a new character for Z popping up and the regular character for Z becoming M. Anyways, I muddled through it and charted out the alphabet as it is written in the Demon Tree. N/a means not applicable, n/r means not represented. I put n/a for C because in the alphabets that this is drawn from, C does not exist because K and S do its job well enough. nn; N/r was used in cases where the letter never showed up in the chart, so I don't know how it would be represented in whatever variant of rune alphabets is being used here. There are characters in the chart that translate to capital and lowercase Rs. I have no idea why this is, so anyone out there can feel free to email me about it. Also, "ah" is a short "a" sound. I will represent it in the translations below as AH. Anyways, here you are:

And here are the translations for the runes in the chart. Literal transliteration of the letters is listed first, followed by translation:

Mazoku Lords [bottom five sigils]
Top Left: DALPHIN | Dolphin
Top Right: GLAHWSHERAH | Glausherra
Bottom Left: GAHRF | Garv
Bottom Right: ZELAS METAEUM | Zelas Metallium
Center: FIBRIZO | Fibrizo [:b Duh]
Note: The names are not spelled out as they would be in katakana, and thus don't carry the same hinderances such as L/R confusion. Runes have characters for L and R. Thus, what is written here may be a better indication of what the creators intended for name romanizations. For instance, note "Glahwsherah". If the creators wanted the name to be "Grah" instead of "Glah", they could have spelled it with actual R characters. Similarly, "Gahrf" would actually translate better to "Garv" than "Gaav". Also, note that Dolphin has "PH" in it, but Fibrizo has "F". This indicates that it is probably not spelled "Phibrizzo" and Software Sculptors smokes crackrock. I don't know what to do about "Metaeum" and am just assuming that it's meant to be Metallium. It's a little hard to discern the actual intent in some places here since runes translate half phonetic and half literal...anyways, all in all, the transliterations give you something to chew on in regards to proper romanization, that's for sure. I'll still use Gaav instead of Garv no matter what the chart says, so don't take this as my argument on how to spell things. But the really interesting bit is that the Mazoku Lords are all listed by their actual names without titles. This means that "Zelas Metallium" is all name without title or whatnot, and Dynast's name is Glausherra and his title is Dynast. But hey, I'll still call him Dynast most of the time. n_n;;

More to come!

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