Skylar Jameson Richtervanson was a young eighteen when he finally realized his dream of coming to Japan. He walked the sparkling streets and whipped his head around, gazing at the sparkling lights and signs. Neon rays reflected off of his soft sandy short wispy windblown hair. His brand new Doc Martens clopped along the concrete and his gold stud earring glittered from his ear. He smiled, perfect white teeth sparkling from his sparkling happy smile. He had found paradise. Japan. Land of the free.

Then he got mugged.

"We are from the Yakuza and we have your passport and stuff!" The Yakuzaman in his thuggish attire and with a golden tooth shook Skylar's passport in his face. Skylar tried to grab it and the Yakuzaman laughed, pulling the passport higher. All the Yakuzaman laugh as Skylar jumps up and down for his passport. "Okay we are busy so enough fun, we have your Visa and things like that so you will work for us now!!!" So they pulled him down the alley and another alley until they reached a seedy apartment complex where they put Skylar in a room and told him it was his room and he would work for them now and then they left.

Skylar cried.

When he finally wiped his sparkling liquid aqua eyes dry, Skylar decided that he was feeling down because of being kidnapped and having his papers and things stolen and his apartment was ugly. So he decided to go have some fun. He walked outside and was outside the apartment building when a guy, twenty-three years old by the cut of his jib, stepped up next to him. He had dark drown hair and tousled bangs and a sliky ponytail that drifted in the wind, but cruel eyes. Skylar shivered. He was so cruelly beautiful.

The man looked down over his sunglasses, oval-shaped and amber-lensed. "Well, honey, what is a fine thing like you doing out in this place? My name is Ingu. I'm here to look after you." His eyes were not warm but were somehow protective, overpowering Skylar and melting him into Ingu's strong firm arms.

"Look after me?" Skylar's voice was soft and pliable.

Ingu snickered, the sound chilling Skylar in an eerily pleasing way. "You make me sound like a guardian knight, when I'm just here to make sure you don't run away. You're working for us, Skylar. I read your name on your driver's liscence, by the way."

"Oh. Oh...okay." Skylar's voice was downcast.

Ingu lit up a cigarette, sexy smoke puffing out his lips. "So where do you think you're going? You look depressed and stuff."

Skylar said "I want to go do something to pick up my mood. Have you never been mellow?"

* * *

Ingu raised his eyebrows. "Wow, that's impressive. You look like you could do it all night."

Skylar bounced up and down in his own dimension, a dimension where everything moved to the beat of the soul and was accompanied by matching graphics. Where he was a carefree CG model whose only purpose was to dance, no matter if he was a robotic bunny or not. But now he was that chick with bat wings and cat ears, the gothy, like his soul. She moved like he moved, except for one vital difference: she bounced with the happiness and lightness of a girl with nothing on her mind except music, whereas Skylar's steps lagged because on his mind was his being kidnapped and having his papers and things stolen and his apartment was ugly. The dancing was not enough to free him and make him feel free, but he still won rounds at level six on trick, so at least he had that.

Skylar stepped off of the pad after a round and puffed and huffed with exhaustion. He sat down and looked arounf. Ingu was gone for a smoke. Escape was likely, but Skylar still wanted to dance, so maybe later.

And then he stepped up.

He was beautiful, with lovely white long hair drifting in the breeze from the airconditioning. It whipped about because the air was turned up high because Tokyo was hot at this time of month. The hair sparkled and glittered it was so clean, and its shininess matched up with the man's silver eyes with silver lashes. He was wearing a white button-down shirt with black jeans that clung tight to his long lean legs. Skylar watched those legs all through two rounds of DDR, watching the man dance. He was good. Kami-sama he was fantastic, doing songs at maniac on level ten without breaking a sweatr. Syklar watched him play Kick the Can and then got to his feet.

The man noticed him and smiled. "Oh, would you like to play with me?"

"Yes." Skylar definitely meant yes.

"Okay, step up." The man was very kind and smiling, and it was a doubles machine and Skylar could dance right next to him! Japan wasn't so bad after all!

As they danced, they talked. The man's name was Chousenjou. It was a beautiful name that meant wolf. He worked here and could play all the DDR he wants, so Skylar got free games! Skylar didn't tell him about his being kidnapped and having his papers and things stolen and his apartment was ugly, because he didn't want to get in trouble. But it didn't matter anyways, because Chousenjou was handsome and kind and made Skylar's heart go THUMP.

But Skylar had to go because he had to get sleep so he could be a proper labor slave. ;_; So he said farewell to Chousenjou.

"Are you sure? We're burnin' the floor!" Chousenjou grabbed Skylar's hand and his fingers were long and smooth, his palms warm. Skylar couldn't keep on movin' for a moment, his thoughts in a hypnotic crisis from Chousenjou's touch.

He sighed, shaking his tawny blonde head. He had to drop the bomb. "No, I can't keep on movin' all night. But...but I'll return, I promise, Chousenjou! I-" love you... "...can't wait to dance again!" Oh, kami-sama, he almost let it slip!

Chousenjou sighed, then smiled wistfully. "If you can say goodbye, then I guess you need to go. Farewell, Skylar-chan." He ruffled Skylar's hair and the boy hid his blush, darting out and almost running into Ingu.

"Oh, good, there you are! Glad you didn't take off or anything, because this cigarette lasted like an hour! Okay, back to your apartment now." They went back. Skylar was almost overcome by Ingu's raw carnal cruel looks, and his heart fluttered and he couldn't let him go as he made to leave the apartment. Overcome by desire, Ingu's hand drifted down to Skylar's butt and he went in.

They had sex.

* * *