I probably shouldn't be here tonight.

But here I am. I must admit that getting here was one of the most difficult tasks I've ever accomplished. If you know my history, you know how much the previous statement says. If you don't know of the events in my life that inspired that statement, then trust my words when I say that it has been a long and harrowing road for me. But that doesn't really matter. The task in this place will be much more difficult than the journey that brought me.

I never thought it would look so...normal.

Well, it's not really normal, it's just not...

I expected, really, for a mazoku to live in very unpleasant quarters. That's what I expected, even of Xelloss. I expected something sinister, eldritch...a room that seemed to have eyes. A dark room, with shadows that moved.

But this is...bright.

I didn't know he collected lamps.

It seems a little wierd. He's a creature of chaos, an eater of pain...and I always forget that neither of those things have anything to do with darkness. So why should he not enjoy objects of light? He is a priest after all. Candles are appropriate for a priest.

Is that...is that some sort of cage? It looks like an invisible jar, reaching up to the ceiling. There are butterflies inside it, and I can tell its boundaries by where they do not fly. There must be something holding them...there has to be something there! I can't feel the tiny breezes that their wings would create, and I can't touch-

Oh dear.

* * *