Hi. I'm Todd Hardings, and I'll be your site maintainer for the evening.

This is a website (the website) for a japanimation called Bishoojoo Senshi Sayrah Muun, or Appealing Spartan Sailor Moon. Perhaps you commonly have seen it referred to, wrongly, as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. Naming aside, it is an excellent animation and I am a fervent fan of it. My friend, Buki Skylark-chan, is also quite caught up in this series. Really, she's the driving force behind this website - Buki originally was the authormistress of almost all of the content here. I was simply the webmaster. Buki has many great ideas and is a superb writer but she has some disabilities and thus it is easier if I do the site maintenance. Because of her enthusiasm, I've grown a bit more fond of our kilted spartans than I might have anticipated, and thus I also have recently material for this site. Ironically, I might be responsible for half the site's content by now. I think you will be able to tell whose material is which.

Please do not steal any content - we have worked very hard on it. The pictures were very hard to find, especially the fanart, and it is really rude to take what we spent so long to search for, especially considering how hard it is to browse japanese websites with a computer that has no JIS encoding decoder, so a little bit of decorum is in order, I must say.

Enjoy the site, and please link us! We appreciate your support. It is hard to find good, accurate Sailor Moon websites and we hope our efforts procure the appreciation they deserve.

Love and Justice,
Todd and Buki-chan.