Eternal Form Super

Manga Moon transforn so much that she get tired of those clothes and CHANGE! It is too many. So why change? Why canst the magical compact obey her cries of fashion? It may be a mystery, but the true answer is the eternal form, for it is the last, and with time comes answers, and the best is for last!!!Ah.

Sailor Moon's brooch is part of her - this is why it stays on her pretty bows when any other heavy thing would fall. NO GLUE! Obviuously a Part. For it obeys her command much like an arm or lung or such and some. TRUE! That is why she transforms naked and without garment. Brooch is will, so brooch also wants new outfit! But why wings? Why skirt and boots when maybe a nice blazer? It is because BROOCH IS CRAZY. Usagui is brooch compact is Usagi such is life.

Eternal form is wingoed and last because last comes the air - when all is gone, air is still here, always air is here, it will not rusty. So thus ErternaL is wings for fly and floof. Air is last, Eternal is last, wings are last!

Neherenia did not like old age andf air and wrinkles, so she wear diving helmet in space. And thus Eternal form beats with Eterenal Moon, Moon wins, Eternal eternal I sick.