I just got latest Nakayayaoshi, Nakoo give us new surprises is ool! AWesome. We give new stuff and infoo and such, is going on! Now is manga!

Compact Galaxia Spartan is here with Chaos Phantom and their Queen Crystals, and Spartans must face! We learn that Queen Crystals are center of Sailor Moom truth - that the universe is game of queens! Sailor crystals are one thing but N0, queen crystal! Queen crystal make you Queen, like Slllenity and Michuri with Fiore! Muchiru, because she is Queen Queen, is Chaos and Galaxiua first target! Chibichicbi [Compactcompact] comes back, but what is this! Compact Galaxia! She not understand. All spartans see the battle, and here is secret of Chibi - they transform you into higher because Compact Galaxia actually use CompactCompact to become Guilded Galaxia! Is it enough Queen? One cannot tell.

Is like the stars - one is not enough. All spartans watch as Compactcompact is no more! Again! Not agaqin ! Sailor Moon Cries as usual, but then! CompactCompact's ghost talks to her! Is a new! She is not of vanquish, for with compact is light, and life, and before you know it Eternal Sailor Mon henshins with CompactCompact to become....

Sailor Guilded Infinite Moon! Three compacts! And crown....this is QUEEN.


Michuri cries as they battle - for if Moon dies, all Queens final;ly die! If Galaxia wins...Sole Queen of All.

Sailor Compact Moon comes in just before last page, to see her mother losing...

...but her compact has a crown inscribed upon it., and with pink comes lasting....

To wait for next month's dawn is too much discipline. I must see the next! Naoko tortures her faithful fans! ;_;